On behalf of all those who have benefited from this unique organization, we thank you for your strong support and for joining us tonight.

Nearly 8 years ago, LOLA began to address the numerous amounts of liver diseases that hit the Latino and American population within the underserved communities especially hard. Today, LOLA has turned into an institution that provides bilingual information materials, resource & referral center, support groups, community prevention and education outreach presentations, Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Education Campaigns and HCV Prison Education Project. Thousands of individuals have benefited by these programs that otherwise may have died for lack of information and education in the language they can understand.

However none of these great accomplishments could have been possible without the generous contribution, never ending support and strong relationship of individuals, government, corporations and community such as you.Tonight we are recognizing the following three outstanding individuals: Dr. Lewis Teperman, NYU Director of Transplant, Mr. John Edward, Host of Crossing Over and the Crossing Over Production Team and Dr. Max Gomez, NBC ~ Health & Science Editor for their extraordinary work in advancing the desperate need to bring awareness on the importance of liver diseases, transplantation and organ donation. Please click here for the agenda of the dinner.

As we pay tribute to the honorees, we also are acknowledging the one year anniversary of September 11′ and our donor families for their unselfish gift of organ donation.

In this spirit, I ask that you keep in mind the meaning of tonight’s PINK ROSE theme, influenced by John Edward which stands for validation, appreciation, communication and love.

Once again, our deepest gratitude for your participation and investment in our work. God bless you,

Debbie Delgado-Vega
President & CEO

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